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Home - Welcome page and mission statement.

About Us - purpose statement, background of the founder, and history of the site.

Rights - articles on the rights of Christian teachers in public schools.

Responsibilities - articles on the biblical principals which should guide all Christians involved in teaching, whether in public school, private school, or home school.

Celebrating Holidays - articles dealing with the celebration of Christian holidays in the public school classroom.

Social Studies - articles discussing issues such as how a Christian teacher in a public school can make "one nation under God" and "in God we trust" an integral force in the teaching of our nation's history.

Science - articles which show Christian teachers how to sift the truth from the fallacies in public school science curricula PLUS how to effectively (and legally) present the truth.

Health - articles related to teaching the Christian viewpoint on health-related issues.

Language Arts - articles on incorporating religion and Bible into writing, spelling, grammar, etc.

Reading - articles directly related to current public school reading programs, showing how to make teachable Christian moments out of comments found in the reading selections; ALSO lists of recommended read-aloud books and poems.

Resources - a list of books, pamphlets, and articles on the issues which affect the rights and responsibilities of Christian teachers.

Contact Us - Users can submit questions, comments, personal experiences, etc.

Web Links - helpful sites for Christian teachers.

Site Map - you are here.

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